What's New

This page tracks major releases and incremental improvements for the Hetzner Cloud platform.

February 2024

Feb 27

Global Search: Label search now possible

We added the new search criterion "label" to our global search, which means you can now search resources by our label selector query language. In the global search bar, you can use "ctrl / ⌘ + K" to switch between name/IP search and label search.

Changes regarding existing shortcuts

Up until now, the key combination "ctrl / ⌘ + K" was used to open the filter within projects, and the shortcut "/" was used to open the project-wide global search. As "ctrl / ⌘ + K" is more commonly used for global searches and "/" is more commonly used for local searches, we decided to adjust our shortcuts for a more intuitive experience. The shortcut / now opens the filter and "ctrl / ⌘ + K" now opens global search.

Feb 13

Duplicate Firewalls

The Firewall settings now include an option to "duplicate" an existing Firewall. This option allows you to create a copy of an existing Firewall, making it quick and easy to set up Firewalls with similar rules. The duplicated Firewall is not applied to any servers after it was added and you can modify the cloned rules as needed.

Default settings for server creation

The "Preferences" modal now comes with the new tab "Defaults". There, you can set a server type, location, and image. When you create a new server, your preferred options are automatically preselected for you.


December 2023

Dec 08

New main navigation on small screens

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our responsive design, we redesigned our main navigation for small screens.

  • We removed the left menu bar in projects. You can now use the menu icon in the top right to switch between resource overviews.
  • The user menu now comes in an improved design that makes it easier to navigate on the phone.

September 2023

Sep 19

CAX servers with Arm64 architecture now available in three locations

Up until now, server plans with Arm64 architecture were only available in Falkenstein. We are happy to announce that the CAX server plans are now also available in Nuremberg and Helsinki.


August 2023

Aug 23

New dedicated vCPU servers with AMD processors

New server plans with dedicated AMD vCPUs are now available! The new servers will officially replace the current dedicated AMD vCPU server plans which are now deprecated*.

  • Great performance per price The new servers come with the same performance as the deprecated server plans — but at far more attractive prices!
  • More Traffic Up until now, all server plans included 20 TB of traffic by default. Depending on the plan, the new servers now come with up to 60 TB!
  • Maximum performance Every dedicated vCPU instance has its own dedicated CPU resources. This allows them to handle high traffic and CPU-intensive tasks with ease. Additionally, the servers deliver highly predictable performance and response times.

*To give you time to adapt the new server plans, the old server plans (CCX12, CCX22, CCX32, CCX42, CCX52, CCX62) will remain available for order until 26 September 2023. Existing servers are not affected by this deprecation and will continue to work.

Aug 07

"Deploy to Hetzner Cloud" button

If you would like to link to one of our Apps, you can do it now using this new URL: "https://console.hetzner.cloud/deploy/{app-name}". When you click it, you are taken to Cloud Console and prompted to select a project. After that, you are directly forwarded to the server create page on which the App specified for "{app-name}" is automatically preselected. You can use the new link in combination with the new "Deploy to Hetzner Cloud" button, which is available in 2 different sizes. Learn more about the button

July 2023

Jul 26

Technical changelog now available

A technical changelog is now available at docs.hetzner.cloud/changelog. It offers an extensive overview of changes and includes announcements about our API, open-source integrations, and other relevant topics. Additionally, this page also includes an overview of all announcements from our »What's New« dialog. Next to adding the new changelogs, we also redesigned the original content at docs.hetzner.cloud. The improved design of the API docs now allows you to switch between dark and light mode.

Jul 20

API: New endpoint for actions available

The Cloud API now includes the new endpoint "GET /{resource}/actions" for all resources that return actions in API calls. This new endpoint replaces the deprecated "GET /actions" endpoint and you can use it to list all actions of a specific resource (e.g. of all servers or of all Load Balancers). Starting on 1 October 2023, the "GET /actions" endpoint will no longer be available. After that, it won't be possible anymore to list all actions across all resources.

Also starting on 1 October 2023, all action endpoints will only return actions from the past 90 days.

June 2023

Jun 23

Networks: Expose routes to vSwitch

Networks with vSwitch subnets now come with a new option that allows you to use your routes not only for cloud servers but also for dedicated servers. For this, we have added "Expose routes to vSwitch" to the action menus of those networks and vSwitch subnets. As long as the routes are exposed to the vSwitch, they also become reachable for all dedicated servers that are assigned to the vSwitch.

Jun 20

Search bar for apps

We updated the create page for servers to include a new search bar for apps. This way, you no longer have to look through the entire list of apps. Instead, you can just use the search bar to filter the results, making it quick and easy to find the apps you're looking for.

Jun 19

Servers with dedicated Intel® vCPUs are deprecated

Starting on 18 July 2023, all server plans with Intel® vCPUs (CCX11, CCX21, CCX31, CCX41, CCX51) will no longer be available for order. Existing servers are not affected by this deprecation and they will continue to work. If you want to migrate an existing server with Intel® vCPUs to a server plan with AMD vCPUs, you can use the rescale option.

May 2023

May 15

Upcoming change regarding our API

Please note that there will be a change regarding the id fields in our API. At the moment, the id fields are only 32 bit wide. However, this is no longer sufficient. As a result, we will use larger IDs in future. This change will not affect IDs of existing resources.

Starting on 1 September 2023, the first IDs will use 52-bit integers.


  • If you are using our API, make sure your code can handle 52-bit integers properly. Otherwise, you might run into issues.
  • If you are using hcloud-go on a 32-bit platform, you will need to upgrade to a new version as the current one does not support 52 bit. Check out the official hcloud-go documentation for more information on an upcoming release.

April 2023

Apr 12

New server plans with Arm64 architecture

In addition to the existing servers with x86-based architecture (Intel & AMD), you can now also create servers with Arm-based architecture (Ampere).

  • New CAX plans The 4 new CAX plans all come with shared vCPUs.
  • Limited availability At the moment, the new servers are only available in Falkenstein.
  • Great performance per price In comparison to other servers in the same price bracket, the Arm64 architecture makes it possible to get way more compute cores.
  • High number of cores Due to the impressive number of cores, the servers can make quick work of even the most CPU-intensive tasks.

March 2023

Mar 27

New OS image available

Great news for all those AlmaLinux lovers out there! The RHEL-compatible Linux distribution is now available for all cloud servers. In total, you can now choose from 6 different OS images.

Mar 10

New Apps available

We have added three new Apps. With Owncast, you can now start your own live stream immediately after server creation. The PhotoPrism installation allows you to manage your pictures with AI functionality. And the RustDesk App turns your server into a ready-to-go remote desktop server.


February 2023

Feb 15

Redesign of the status bar

We redesigned the detail pages for servers, Load Balancers, Firewalls and Networks. The status bar at the top now comes with an improved design, and the resource menu bar is now horizontal and part of the sticky header at the top, allowing for quick and easy navigation between the different resource pages.

January 2023

Jan 12

Improved loading states

For an even better user experience, we have improved the loading states, a change which now makes page transitions even smoother.

December 2022

Dec 05

West Coast – Here We Come!

In addition to the four existing locations, Hillsboro, Oregon, is now also available!

  • Available for almost all products Hillsboro, Oregon, is available for all cloud servers with AMD processors, and all cloud features.
  • Second location in the USA When you create a new resource with US location, you can now choose between a location on the East Coast (Ashburn, VA) and a location on the West Coast (Hillsboro, OR).
  • Silicon Forest The area with the nickname Silicon Forest is already known for the high concentration of high-tech companies, and it comes with an exceptional network that caters to both local connections and overseas connections.

November 2022

Nov 09

Add labels at creation process

The create pages for servers, Load Balancers, and Firewalls have been updated and now also include a seperate option to add labels. This way, you no longer have to add them in an extra step after the resourses were already created.

October 2022

Oct 27

New hotkey

Bulk edit now comes with a keyboard hotkey that allows you to deselect all resources with the press of a key. So when you are done editing, or if you want to start a new selection, simply hit esc, and your current selection will be cleared.

September 2022

Sep 29

Improved user experience for notifications

For an even better user experience, we have improved the behavior and design of notifications in the Cloud Console

Redesign of the server, Load Balancer, and Firewall creation pages

The updated design makes the creation page simpler and easy to follow. For this, a new menu sidebar on the right was built, allowing for quick and easy navigation and providing a rapid summary of your current settings. Some configuration processes have also been streamlined and simplified.

July 2022

Jul 21

Add several labels or IPs at the same time

Up until now, IP addresses for firewall rules and labels had to be added one by one. Now, you can add several labels and IP addresses at the same time. Simply separate them by comma or with a space. This will make it easier for you to manage long IP lists, for example.

June 2022

Jun 23

New project overview

You can now also browse your projects in a list view. The new design can be helpful if you have to manage projects with very long names, for example. You can use the new toggle next to the filter on the top right to switch between both views.

Jun 22

New Apps available

We have added four new Apps. You can now choose from the programming language Apps Go and Ruby, and start developing immediately after server creation. You could also use the Prometheus-Grafana installation to visualize metrics and display them graphically. Our CollaborationToolCollection App includes HedgeDoc, transfer.sh and whiteboard, and makes working on files in a team more dynamic and simple. BigBlueButton is no longer available.

Jun 08

Flexible networking options and Primary IPs

You can now decide for yourself which networking option you want, and use Primary IPs to manage your server’s public IPs. Because of the new options, servers and IPs are now billed separately.

  • Choose from 3 networking options Server with two public IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6). Server with one public IP address (IPv4 or IPv6). Server without any public IP addresses.
  • Servers without any public network Adding the server to a private network will enable you to create the server without any public IPs and thus without a connection to a public network.
  • New flexibility with Primary IPs After a server was created, you can still add, remove, or swap the server’s Primary IPs. To keep your Primary IP even if you delete the server it is assigned to, you can simply disable the “Auto Delete” option.

May 2022

May 18

Default SSH keys

With the new option to set individual SSH keys as default, you no longer have to manually select often-used SSH keys every time you create a new server. Instead, any SSH keys that have been set as default within a project will automatically be preselected for you.

May 03

Bulk edit now available

Within a list view, it is now possible to select several resources at the same time and to run a certain action on all selected resources simultaneously. You can use the new multiselection to delete resources, disable/enable protection, and to power servers on or off.


March 2022

Mar 07

Session-based filter and sort settings

Any filter options and sort settings you set within a project now remain active for the entire session and are saved even if you switch between several list views. An automatic reset of your projects' filter settings is therefore only performed after the session was ended.

February 2022

Feb 01

Display confirmed onboarding hints again

Up until now, it was not possible to display hints again after confirming them. The hints draw attention to useful shortcuts and highlight helpful functionalities that can not only be helpful at the beginning. Therefore, it is now possible to display all onboarding hints again after they have already been read. You can find this option in the user menu under "Settings".

December 2021

Dec 01

Ceph server types not available anymore

We have deprecated the network storage based server types. Starting 1 Dec 2021, they will no longer be available. All of your existing ceph based servers will continue to work like they used to and there is no action necessary on your side regarding these servers. It is possible to rescale existing network storage based servers to local storage based servers.

November 2021

Nov 03

Hetzner Goes USA! - New location available

On 3 November, we launched our new location Ashburn, Virginia, for all cloud servers with AMD processors and all cloud features. The new U.S. location is one of the most important data center capitals in the world. Now, you can also profit from the strategic location and the global interconnectivity of the location.


October 2021

Oct 13

Placement Groups: Maximum availability for your servers

Our newest feature "Placement Groups" now makes it possible for you to influence the location of your cloud servers. Simply create a group of type "Spread" and all your virtual servers will be hosted on different physical servers. This will decrease the probability of some instances failing together.

September 2021

Sep 28

Global Search: New search criteria added

We have added new search criteria to our global search tool. This means that you can now also search for snapshots by name, certificates by name and networks by ranges.

Sep 17

Firewalls: Now in general availability

Firewalls are now in general availability! You have not tried it out yet? Check it out now and use this feature to easily secure your servers by restricting certain TCP, UDP ICMP, ESP and GRE traffic. You can even add descriptions to distinguish between your individual rules after you create them.


August 2021

Aug 24

Our Global Search now makes it possible for you to search resources beyond the list view and therefore across all projects based on names or IP addresses and to navigate to them with just a few clicks.

  • User-friendly keyboard navigation The search mask opens with a click on the search bar, or by simply pressing the / key. Keyboard navigation is also integrated in the search.
  • Clear overview All search results are grouped according to resource type to provide a clear overview. The corresponding project is specified on the right. If you search from within a certain project, the corresponding resources will be displayed as the topmost results.
Aug 17

Load Balancers: Allow setting of DNS PTR records

The reverse DNS entries for the public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the Load Balancers are no longer fixed and can now be changed to look more professional. Simply select your Load Balancer and define the reverse DNS (rDNS) of each IP address under the "Networking" tab.

Aug 04

Firewalls: Description field for rules

We have added a new description field per rule to make it easier for you to distinguish between individual firewall rules. Simply specify a certain purpose, for example, and use the description later to identify your rules.

July 2021

Jul 19

Load Balancer: Dedicated private IP targets

Next to public IPs, our Load Balancers now also support private IPs of Dedicated Root Servers (Hetzner Robot account) as targets. Simply add a network that has a subnet of type vSwitch and you will be able to define a private IP for your Dedicated Root Server within the IP range of this vSwitch subnet.

Jul 13

New filter

Our search bar has been replaced with a new filter on all list views in our panel. This way, you can use new search criteria that will help you narrow down your results even further, and you will be able to find your desired resources even faster. The previous key combination Ctrl / + K can now be used to open the fiter and, as before, to switch between label search and name search.

June 2021

Jun 30

Quickstart with apps

We’re constantly working on making it as easy as possible for you to set up a server. Apps allow you to create a server with software already preinstalled. This way, you no longer have to struggle with setting up a server yourself. Instead, you can get started immediately with ready to use software such as Docker, WordPress or Nextcloud. Learn more about Apps


May 2021

May 19

Apply firewalls using labels

Firewalls can now be applied to servers using label selectors. The firewall is automatically activated, as soon as a server has the matching labels.

May 07

Show What's New dialog again

We added a new menu item »What's New« to the user dropdown. That way you can reopen this dialog if you closed it accidentally.

April 2021

Apr 27

Project overview optimisations

In order to better differentiate between projects where you are not the owner, the project owner is now also shown.

Apr 15

Improved Hetzner status integration

With the relaunch of status.hetzner.com, the display of status messages has also been improved. For example, messages are now also displayed if your other Hetzner resources like dedicated servers are affected by outages.

February 2021

Feb 24

New design of the projects overview page

The improved design makes it easy to keep track of your chargeable services.

October 2020

Oct 28

Let's Encrypt™ support for Load Balancer services

We have started to support the frequently requested automatic generation of Let's Encrypt™ certificates for Load Balancers. All certificates are automatically renewed as long as they are assigned to a Load Balancer.

August 2020

Aug 11

Firewalls Beta is now available

  • Simple configuration Our firewalls are "stateful" and thus allow easy configuration.
  • Easy administration No need to manage every servers firewall independently – create your configuration once and assign it comfortably to as many of your servers as you like.